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Monitor your PC: Don't let your computer out of your sight!

If your computer is located in an insecure environment or you are afraid of someone gaining access in your absence, you can set up simple monitoring. With the help of a few tools, you can keep track of your computer.

What options do you have for monitoring?

It should be noted in advance that monitoring a computer is only allowed for private use and your own computer.
  1. With the help of a "keylogger" all keystrokes of the keyboard are detected and can be tracked. In addition, a keylogger automatically takes screenshots at regular intervals and saves them. Even visited websites are recorded in a log.
  2. The "Refog Free Keylogger" is a freeware variant. However, it has no screenshot function, but otherwise also offers the recording of the keyboard.
  3. "Refog Personal Monitor" costs 30 euros for one month or 95 euros for 12 months. For the price not quite justified, this version offers a screenshot function and other various settings.
  4. The best solution is the "Revealer Keylogger". This software is also available for free and it supports all relevant functions.
  5. If you do not want to install external software, you can also use the internal functions for Windows. These are located in your control panel under "Administrative Tools" > "Event Viewer".
  6. In the sub-item "Windows Logs" and "System" you will find a list of activities with matching time on your computer.

By Everest

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