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Range of sight drone - as far as the eye can see

Nowadays drones, or multicopters, are on everyone's lips. According to German law, drones can only be flown within visual range so that the pilot can correct the flight path in case of a mistake. Generally, a drone with GPS can fly until the battery is empty.

What exactly is the range of a drone?

The range of a drone depends on the transmission system that is used. Do you use RC, WLAN or do you let the drone fly automatically?
  1. If you use RC, which means radio controller, you use a normal remote control that comes with your drone. Or you send the commands as radio signals from an interface. In Germany, however, only devices with a weak power are allowed.
  2. With WLAN, you can transmit far more data, but this is in favor of the range. Here the range is 50 to 100 meters.
  3. Use a mapping system and give the drone only which GPS point you should reach, it flies as far as it can to reach this point. Here the range depends on the particular model.
  4. For usually the radius is 200 meters, in which you can still see the drone and it is controllable. Insgesamt gibt es jedoch auch Drohnen die auch auf bis zu 50 Kilometer Entfernung noch steuerbar sind.
  5. Je nach Drohne betragen die maximalen Reichweiten jedoch zwischen 5 und 20 Kilometer.
Generell ist das Fliegen außerhalb der Sichtweite in Deutschland verboten. Sollten Sie es dennoch tun, haften Sie persönlich für alle Schäden, die Ihre Drohne anrichtet.

By Fletch

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