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Xbox Game Streaming for PC: Release in sight - all info

Microsoft has also been working on its own gaming cloud for years. This has been active and online since 2020, but only for Android mobile devices. This is expected to change over the next few months.

A cloud for all cases: Xbox Game Streaming will soon be available for PC gamers.

Xbox Game Streaming (former project name: Project xCloud) is included in Game Pass Ultimate - consequently, there is no standalone subscription for cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Streaming: PC release planned for spring 2021

That's probably where it will stay when the platform is released for PC:
  • According to official sources, this will be the case in spring 2021.
  • In addition to the PC, iOS mobile devices should also finally be served.
  • Further, only a Game Pass Ultimate is necessary to play in the cloud.
  • It should be possible to play the titles either in the cloud or locally installed.
The latter point is a clear advantage over the main competitor Stadia: The Google service relies exclusively on the cloud. On the PC, Chromium browsers serve as the access point for the games, so Chrome and Edge are eligible.

By Pruter

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