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Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10: info, features, setup

Microsoft wants to connect the Xbox world and Windows even more. The Xbox Game Bar is an important tool for this purpose. We introduce you to the tool and explain what it can do.

With Xbox Game Bar, you can access your Xbox account while playing on your PC.

Xbox Game Bar is integrated with Windows 10 and is aimed at gamers on both platforms.

Xbox Game Bar: Manage Xbox features on PC

Xbox Game Bar ports a lot of content from your Xbox to your PC.
  • To do this, you must be logged in on the PC with the same Microsoft account as on the Xbox.
  • You open the Game Bar with "Win" + "G".
  • Several modules appear right away, which you can move and customize as you wish.
  • This includes the friends list from your Xbox account just like system information about your PC.
  • An important and popular feature is the ability to stream games.
  • You can link your Spotify account to listen to music while playing.
Since all modules appear as overlays, you can also access them while playing. You have the choice of which elements to display, and you can make further personalizations under "Settings" in the main bar, such as the design, your own shortcuts or linked accounts.

By Nevsa

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