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Which baby monitor? How to make the decision

If you have a baby, it certainly makes sense to use a baby monitor so you can keep an eye on your child throughout the day. This way, you can continue to do chores around the house or engage in other activities. Baby monitors come in a variety of styles, but which one suits you best?

How to choose the right baby monitor

If you want to monitor your baby from anywhere in the home while he or she is sleeping, then using a baby monitor is a good option. These are actually designed to monitor the baby's sounds to notice when something is wrong or the baby wakes up. In the meantime, however, the devices offer far more functions than originally planned. Especially video baby monitors with a live picture of your baby are becoming more and more popular. Which device is best for you depends on the functions you want.
  1. One of the more affordable devices is the Philips Avent SCD 503/26 baby monitor. It is equipped with a night light and offers a digital noise level display. The baby monitor also offers you a range control and a noise-activated automatic switch-on. Other providers in this price range offer you a similar range of functions.
  2. Slightly more features have the successor model from Philips, the Avent SCD 713/26, which also offers an intercom function, a temperature sensor, sleep melodies and a feed timer. However, the functions also affect the price.
  3. The Avent SCD 585, also from Philips, performs best in the test. This baby monitor impresses with numerous additional functions. In addition to the functions of the previously mentioned devices, this also offers vibration alarm, a starry sky projector, a humidity sensor and MP3 playback options.

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