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FaceTime vs. Skype - how to make a decision

If you would like to make video calls over the Internet, Skype and FaceTime are two free programs available. All information about the availability of FaceTime and Skype and what other advantages and disadvantages the programs have, we show you in this article.

FaceTime vs. Skype: These are the advantages and disadvantages of the two services

With both Skype and FaceTime you can make video calls over the Internet. In addition, with Skype there is also the possibility of making normal voice calls without the use of the camera.
  1. An important advantage of Skype over FaceTime is its availability. While FaceTime is only available for Apple devices with iOS or Mac OS X, Skype is additionally available as a version for Linux, Windows, Android and the Kindle.
  2. Another advantage of Skype over FaceTime is the presence of a messenger, through which you can exchange messages or files with your contacts.
  3. In terms of image and sound quality, which is largely influenced by your Internet connection, FaceTime can score with a higher quality.
  4. Also in terms of mobile use, FaceTime is particularly convenient, as you only need your contact's phone number and Apple ID to start a conversation.

How to make a decision between FaceTime and Skype

As both online telephony services have advantages and disadvantages, the decision depends on personal factors. If you use an iPhone and also have many friends who use an iOS device, FaceTime is the better choice for you, as the program is already pre-installed on the iPhone. For Android users or use on the PC or to chat with friends, Skype is better again.

By Dunham

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