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Debian vs. Ubuntu - how to make a decision

Although Debian and Ubuntu both belong to the Linux distributions, there are still differences between the operating systems. Get an overview of the pros and cons of the two systems and whether Ubuntu or Debian is better suited for Linux beginners in this article.

Debian vs. Ubuntu: These features speak for Ubuntu

Whether Debian or Ubuntu is better for you depends on both the features you expect and your prior knowledge. If you are using a Linux distribution for the first time, you should rather go for Ubuntu, because Ubuntu is also aimed at beginners and can be installed with only a few user inputs. In addition, however, Ubuntu also has an expert mode that allows the user to access all settings.
  1. Ubuntu can be installed on computers with 32- and 64-bit systems, but also on mobile devices.
  2. As a desktop interface, Ubuntu uses the Unity desktop, which was developed so that it can also be used on mobile devices.
  3. In most cases, all programs developed for Debian are also compatible with Ubuntu. However, the versions of the programs in Ubuntu are not only newer, but also offer the user more features.

These are the advantages of Debian

If you are already experienced in using Linux distributions or need an operating system for a server or PowerPC, Debian is the right choice. The operating system supports more than ten different hardware architectures and offers you the possibility to integrate your own installation packages already during the installation. In addition, the Debian operating system is characterized by its stability and offers developers various options for individual customizations.

By Bala Chirino

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