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From mobile to TV - how to stream

Smartphones are great for taking a video or great photos. However, if you want to show them to your friends, the small display is poorly suited. Therefore, there is the possibility of transferring your cell phone screen to the TV, for example, via cable or via WLAN.

How to connect the cell phone to the TV

Transferring media to the TV without any detours has become very easy. Most manufacturers offer a solution out of the box that allows you to stream directly to the TV. There are wired and wireless solutions. With wired streaming, all you need is a cable to connect the device directly to the TV. However, if you prefer the wireless streaming variant, it makes sense to use the solution of the respective manufacturer.
  1. Apple Airplay: If you own an Apple device, then you can stream the content via AirPlay on the TV. However, this must also be AirPlay-capable. Therefore, it offers itself to use an Apple TV.
  2. Google Chromecast: This solution from Google is also connected directly to the TV. Then you can stream the screen of your smartphone on the TV via Miracast.
  3. In addition to the above, various smartphone manufacturers also offer their own solutions, such as Samsung.
Nur ein paar Smartphones, meistens der Firma Sony, geben Medien über einen HDMI-Port aus. Am verbreitetsten sind die drahtlosen Lösungen. Dazu besitzen die Smartphones ein DLNA-Zertifikat, das Sie dazu berechtigt, über das eigene WLAN Daten zu senden.

By Sabrina

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