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Samsung Note 10: Screenshot - how to take a screenshot

A screenshot is a photo that captures the display content of your Samsung Note 10. To take a screenshot, you have two methods to choose from on the Samsung device. We'll explain which they are and how to use them correctly here.

Samsung Note 10: Take a screenshot with this key combination

A screenshot involves taking a picture of the content currently displayed on the screen of your Samsung Note 10 and saving it. The fastest way to create a screenshot is to use the appropriate key combination.
  1. To create the screenshot, first call up the desired page that you want to photograph.
  2. Then hold down the "On/Off button" and the Quiet button of the Samsung Note 10 for about two seconds.
  3. Once the screenshot is created, the display of the device flickers briefly and the photo is automatically saved under "Gallery" > "Screenshots".

Screenshot on the Samsung Note 10: How does the creation via swipe gesture

Alternatively, you can also create the screenshot with a swipe gesture. And to use this method, however, it is necessary that you enable the function in the settings of the Samsung Note 10 beforehand. To do so, go to "Movements + Gestures" in the settings, tap on "Capture by swiping" and move the slider there to the right to turn the function on. To take a screenshot afterwards, simply swipe the edge of your hand over more than half of the screen. Also with this method, the capture of the screenshot is indicated to you by an acoustic or visual signal and you can subsequently call it up in the screenshot folder.

By Sucy Feisthamel

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