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Samsung Galaxy A90: Screenshot - how to take a picture

Taking a screenshot involves photographing the current screen content of the Samsung Galaxy A90 and saving it as a photo. There are two methods to choose from on the Samsung smartphone to take such a screenshot.

Samsung Galaxy A90: How to take a screenshot with a shortcut

If you want to save the current display on the Samsung Galaxy A90, you can do so by taking a screenshot. The fastest way to create a screenshot is to use a key combination.To do this, please first call up the page to be photographed on your Samsung Galaxy A90.
  1. Then press the "On/Off button" and the "Quiet button" of the smartphone and hold them down for about two seconds.
  2. Were the screenshot created, this is indicated to you by a short lighting of the display and a sound or vibration signal.
  3. The created screenshot is now automatically saved and can be accessed under "Gallery" > "Screenshots".

Screenshot: How to use a swipe gesture on the Samsung Galaxy A90

Alternatively, taking a screenshot is also possible via swipe gesture. To use this method, simply wipe the Samsung Galaxy A90's display with the edge of your hand, making sure to always touch the screen. If this method does not work for you, check under "Settings" > "Movements + Gestures" whether the option "Pick up by swiping" is enabled. If necessary, catch up the activation by moving the slider to the right and try again to take a screenshot.

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