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S-Planner: Display public holidays - this is how it is possible

Users of a Samsung cell phone already have an integrated calendar with the S-Planner. However, the German holidays are not displayed to you in this by default. In this article, we show you which methods are available to display them anyway.

S-Planner: How to display all holidays via Google

If you have a Samsung smartphone, it already has a pre-installed calendar app, the S-Planner, which you can use to manage your appointments. Even though using the S-Planner is convenient, it does not display holidays by default. If you would like to keep an eye on them with the calendar app as well, you can display the holidays with the help of Google Calendar.
  1. To use this method, first please open the S Planner app and tap "More" in the calendar view.
  2. In the menu that opens, then navigate to "Manage Calendar" and tap the "Google" option.
  3. Now activate the button next to the entry "Holidays in Germany" and you will be shown all German holidays in the S-Planner.

Display holidays in S-Planner: How to do it via ICS file

If you do not want to use Google to get access to all German holidays with the S-Planner, there is still a second method to display the holidays. This requires the download of an ICS file that contains all holidays in Germany. If you have downloaded a corresponding file from the Internet to your Samsung smartphone, please go to the download folder, tap the file and open it with the S-Planner app.

By Carey Kosin

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