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Google Plus - this alternative is available

Since Google Plus has been discontinued, users of the social network have to look for an alternative. Depending on what you previously used your Google Plus account for, there are several other platforms available.

Alternative: this is what Google Plus is about

Google Plus was a free social network founded by Google in 2011. In this, Google Plus worked similarly to other social networks, allowing you to connect with friends and share messages or in groups. Even though Google Plus had over 500 million members, the platform was discontinued in 2019 and since then you can no longer use it.

These are the best alternatives to Google Plus

Since Google Plus is now no more, you need to look for an alternative platform through which you can keep in touch with your friends.
  1. One of the most popular alternatives to Google Plus is Facebook. Facebook has more 1 billion users and served as a model in terms of features and structure when Google Plus was developed. However, Facebook has repeatedly come under criticism regarding privacy.
  2. If you don't want to use Facebook because you have privacy concerns, MeWe is a good alternative. MeWe is free, does without ads and is available as an app for Android and iOS. To use MeWe, simply register with your email address on the website.
  3. If you have used Google Plus primarily for professional purposes, Linkedin and Xing are good alternatives. Both platforms are free in the basic version and also help you in the job search.

By Bak Imam

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