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Google Maps Route Planner: Alternative to the Navi

When visiting a foreign city or if you want to find your way to an unknown address as quickly as possible, then the Google Maps Route Planner can help you. But is the free program from Google able to replace a conventional navigation system?

These are the advantages of Google Maps

Google Maps is accessible free of charge on any smartphone, as well as on any Internet-enabled device, which means you can use it on the go. In addition, the device offers many advantages:
  1. Google Maps is an international program with which you can now explore most regions of the world.
  2. Meanwhile, you can choose from different routes. Decide between the shortest route, the lowest fuel consumption and the most ecological route.
  3. Google Maps shows you both the distance traveled and the time you will need for this route.
  4. When choosing a route, you can divide your favorite means of transportation. You can choose between public transport, bicycle, car and walking.
  5. A key advantage is that Google Maps always updates automatically and you are also directly informed about traffic obstacles and traffic jams.

Can Google Maps replace a sat nav?

Even when you are on the road, Google Maps is very convenient, because you can use it from your smartphone and there are no additional costs. However, you always need a constant Internet connection or sufficient data volume. In addition, it is necessary that you have an appropriate mount in the car to safely attach the smartphone.

By Nahshunn Fessel

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