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Windows 10: Lock screen won't go away

When you are away from your computer for a long time or put it to sleep, the lock screen is usually activated. This is designed to prevent anyone from accessing your computer without knowing your password. If an error occurs, the lock screen may not go away.

This is what you can do if the lock screen stays

Once you are inactive for a while or restart the PC, you will be taken directly to the Windows 10 lock screen. After that, you usually need to enter your password, which will allow you to access all of your computer's features and files again. If a problem occurs, it is quite possible that the lock screen will not go away and thus you will not be able to enter your password. To fix the error, several steps are necessary.
  1. First, try to force your PC to restart. To do this, hold down the power button on your PC for a few seconds until the computer shuts down. They thus perform a hard reset and usually fix the error.
  2. If the problem is still not solved, press the key combination "CTRL" + "ALT" + "DEL".
  3. In manchen Fällen müssen Sie öfter auf die Leertaste oder die Eingabetaste drücken, bis der Sperrbildschirm verschwindet.
  4. Wenn dennoch nichts hilft, kann eine Neuinstallation von Windows 10 nötig sein, um wieder an Ihr System zu gelangen.

By Westleigh Pachlin

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