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Microsoft Teams: Change away status by time

With Microsoft Teams, you can communicate with each other in your company in various ways. For example, a chat as well as a video call function is available to you for this purpose. Other useful tools, such as a calendar, are also part of the program belonging to the Office series.

How to change your out of office status in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can let other users see your current status so they know if you're free or busy. For this purpose, the service provides various status displays that work automatically, but can also be customized manually as desired. For example, you can set whether a certain status should be used after a certain period of time.
  1. So the status of Microsoft Teams switches from "present" to "inactive" after a short period of non-use and is displayed in yellow.
  2. In addition, if you have not taken any action on your computer for a long time, then the status changes to "absent" after five minutes. To extend this period, you can change the settings as desired.
  3. For this, navigate to the status options and click there on "show as (idle) when computer idle since (minutes)". There you can shorten and lengthen the time span as you wish, with a maximum of 360 minutes possible.
  4. In addition, click on "change my status from inactive to absent after (minutes)", then you can also adjust this time span to your respective requirements and again set a maximum duration of 360 minutes.
  5. In addition, you can also specify who can see your presence status and who can not.

By Alarise Jeskie

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