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Kindle: Give away eBooks - this is how easy it works

Books make ideal gifts - nothing has changed in the digital eBook age. However, the implementation is a bit more difficult. We explain how it looks with eBooks for Amazon's Kindle.

Finally possible: Since 2019, you can also give away Kindle ebooks in Germany.

Giving away ebooks that you buy from Amazon was not possible in Germany for a long time. Fortunately, this changed in 2019.

Give away Kindle eBooks: Here's how to do it

With the following steps you can give away a Kindle eBook:
  1. Open the Amazon page of the eBook you want to give away.
  2. Right below the Buy button you will see the field "Buy for others". Enter the quantity and click "Next".
  3. After that, you will be taken to an extra page: There you will have to enter the recipient's email address - this information is logically required. In addition, you can write a message, if desired.
  4. Close the purchase on the right with the yellow button "Verify and pay now".
The recipient will now receive an email informing him about the eBook gift. He can then simply download the eBook.Note, however, the note that given away eBooks from Amazon are always country-specific. Haben Sie den Kauf auf der deutschen Domain Amazon.de getätigt, kann das eBook folglich nur von Empfängern in Deutschland eingelöst werden.

By Ander

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