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Sky: Give away a subscription - is that possible?

If you want to access Sky's content, you can take out a subscription. For this, you just need to navigate to Sky's website and follow the instructions. However, if you want to give away the subscription, this is not so easy.

Give away a Sky subscription: these are the possibilities

Depending on the model you choose, a Sky subscription gives you access to movies, series or sports events. You can easily conclude the subscription via the Sky website. However, if you want to give it away, it is not so easy, because you are usually not allowed to take out a subscription in the name of another person. Therefore, there are some points to consider.
  1. In principle, you are not allowed to book contracts for unknowing third parties in Germany according to contract law. For this, you therefore need the permission of the person, which is why a subscription gift as a surprise is not possible.
  2. Alternatively, you can take out a Sky subscription initially in your own name. If you then give this away, you can have it transferred to the other person via customer service.
  3. Another possibility arises if you live with the other person in the same household. So you can create the subscription in your own name and then leave the use to the person receiving the gift, without the need for a transfer.

By Benioff Scandalios

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