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Rust: What to expect in the bandit camp - tips & info

The world of Rust lives primarily from the counter- or cooperation of human players. But NPCs don't miss out either, as becomes apparent in the bandit camp. Read why the trip there is worth it.

Under surveillance: the bandit camp is closely guarded by NPCs.

If you need certain items in Rust, there are several options. The bandit camp is particularly handy.

Rust: Visiting the bandit camp is worthwhile

A detour to the bandit camp makes sense for several reasons:
  • In the bandit camp there are several NPC merchants. These cover items such as weapons, resources or important tools.
  • Scattered around the area you will find many barrels that you can break open.
  • In addition, there is gambling: the bet is metal scrap, the wheel of fortune determines victory and defeat.
  • In some areas, such as the casino, you are not allowed to carry weapons. This includes tools such as axes and pickaxes. In case of disregard there is a warning, shortly thereafter the NPC guards open fire.
  • Generally, the bandit camp is considered a peaceful zone. Any weapons actions against other players will not be tolerated.
If you get into a skirmish with the NPC guards, you will be marked as hostile for 30 minutes. Consequently, every time you return to the camp within this time, you will be attacked again. With good equipment and several players, it is entirely possible to defeat the guards - but this is best done in a planned manner.

By Pump Skold

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