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Chrome: How to clear history?

Chrome stores information about visited web pages. This storage makes it easier for you to quickly find web pages you have already visited, or to shorten the time it takes to type in the address bar. However, if you don't want Chrome to store your data, you need to delete the history.

Chrome: How to delete browser history?

To delete browsing history in Chrome, only a few steps are necessary. However, note that by deleting the history, all visited web pages disappear permanently.
  1. Start your browser and click on the menu in the upper right corner, which is marked by three dots below each other.
  2. Select the "History" entry and click on "History" again.
  3. Now you see the option "Clear browser data" on the left.
  4. Pick a period in which the created browser history should be deleted.
  5. Of course, you can also specify "Total time" to delete the history completely.
  6. Furthermore, you have the option to make more precise settings for the deletion process, so that only cookies or stored passwords should be removed.

Chrome: Delete individual entries from the history

  1. To delete individual entries from the history, you must switch to the history as previously described.
  2. Nun können Sie oben rechts auf den Eintrag „Löschen“ klicken.
  3. Markieren Sie alle Einträge, die Sie entfernt haben möchten, und bestätigen Sie den Vorgang durch einen Klick auf „Entfernen“.

By Harpole Koziel

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