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Alexa: Clear history - these are the options you have

If you want to control the lights in your home or functions of your smartphone by voice command, then this is possible with the Alexa assistant. The voice assistant from Amazon saves the history of all your commands. However, if you would like to delete it, this is also possible.

How to delete the history of Alexa

When you give a voice command to the Alexa voice assistant, it creates a history. If you want to delete individual entries or the entire history, this is quite possible.
  1. First go to the Alexa website via your browser. Log in there with your Amazon data.
  2. Click on "Settings" and then on "General".
  3. Select the option "History" here. Now you can see all the recordings that Alexa has made.
  4. If you now want to delete a single post, click on the corresponding message and select "Delete voice recordings".
  5. To delete the entries from a specific period, go to the settings on "Alexa account" > "Alexa Privacy".
  6. In the next step, click on the option "Check voice recordings history".
  7. Now you can select the period. Here you also have the option to delete the entire history of Alexa. Auch die Einstellung „Benutzerdefinierter Zeitraum“ ist möglich.
  8. Haben Sie sich für einen Zeitraum entschieden, in dem Sie die Einträge löschen möchten, klicken Sie auf „Sprachaufnahmen löschen“.

By Morgen Witosky

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