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Setting up parental controls for Alexa: What you can do

Echo and Echo Dot do not have their own parental controls. However, you can still make Alexa safer for children. First and foremost, you should block the ability to use voice commands to place orders with Amazon.

How do you childproof Alexa?

The Alexa voice assistant does not offer its own parental controls, but you can lock sensitive areas. The ability to place orders with Amazon via voice command can be blocked entirely in the applications or protected by a code. You have to say the code out loud when you want to confirm an order.
  1. Go to the settings in your Alexa app. Here, select "Alexa account."
  2. Select "Voice purchase."
  3. You can disable voice purchase altogether by tapping the blue switch next to "Voice purchase." If it is gray, voice purchasing has been disabled.
  4. To set a confirmation code, go to "Request confirmation code".
  5. Enter a four-digit code.
  6. Tap "Save changes".
Older children can easily remember a four-digit code. So you should not use Him in their presence or block voice shopping altogether. If your child has already ordered goods with the help of Alexa, you can of course cancel it.

Using Alexa together with children

Furthermore, you should teach your children responsible use of the voice assistant. For example, practice useful commands that can help children in your everyday life.
  1. Open Sleep Sounds: Plays soothing sounds that help your child fall asleep.
  2. Start musical chairs: Just one of many party games that Alexa has ready.
  3. Open Schedule: Here your children can keep their own timetable.

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