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Set up parental controls on the Internet

To make sure that your children do not surf sites that contain violent or sexual content when using the Internet, a parental control is useful. There are special programs for this, some of which are free. Once set up, unsuitable or unapproved sites are blocked by the program.

That's why parental controls on the Internet are important

To protect your children from violent, pornographic or other adult content when using the Internet, you have the option of setting up parental controls. For this purpose, there are special paid, but also free programs that can be easily installed and set up on the PC or laptop.

Internet: How to set up parental controls

In addition to the paid program "Parental Control 2016", there is also "KinderServer", a free software to restrict the Internet use of your children. Before you can use the program, first download and install it using the installation wizard. For the program to work, you will also need the NET Framework 3.5, which you can install directly if it is not already available.
  1. After successful installation, please activate the software by clicking on the "Start KinderServer" shortcut.
  2. Now set a password, the input of which is required to disable parental controls and also select a security question.
  3. If the program is activated, all Internet traffic will be redirected via a server and only child-safe content will be released. Unsuitable sites with violent or sexual content, but also Facebook and Google are thus blocked.
  4. If you still want to release individual pages such as Facebook for your child, disable parental controls and set them in the program under "Share websites".

By Vonnie Rojek

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