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Parental controls for the Internet - these are the options you have

Parental controls for the Internet are probably the first thing you should set up if you plan to let your child work on the computer. By securing it, you prevent your child from surfing the Internet unfiltered and seeing content that is not child-friendly.

Parental Controls for the Internet: KinderServer helps

"KinderServer" is a free software for Windows computers, through which you automatically set up a filter for inappropriate websites on the PC.
  1. The software blocks various websites that have to do with social media, violent content as well as pornography, among other things.
  2. Furthermore, common search engines are replaced based on the search results and replaced by child-friendly search engines such as "FragFinn".
  3. KinderServer is automatically set up for all popular browsers on different versions of Windows.
  4. But note that under browsers such as Safari compatibility can not be confirmed unambiguously and only Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge are used.

Parental Control for the Internet: So wird der KinderServer eingerichtet

  1. Laden Sie das Programm herunter und installieren Sie es auf Ihrem Computer.
  2. Nun richten Sie ein Passwort ein, das nur für Sie gedacht ist, um die Kindersicherung zu entsperren.
  3. Unter dem Tab „Autostart“ können Sie die Einstellung vornehmen, dass die Software bei jedem Start automatisch geöffnet wird.
  4. Über den Bereich „Einschalten“ aktivieren Sie den KinderServer durch Klicken auf „KinderServer EIN“.

By Korrie

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