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Fritzbox: parental controls - keep your kids safe on the web

Even kids are already using the Internet these days, and it's difficult if you want to stay on top of things as a parent. However, you can set up parental controls for the web through your Fritzbox that will protect your kids from inappropriate websites and content.

Providing safety on the web

One of the main advantages of a Fritzbox is that it has integrated parental controls. Here's how to set it up:
  1. First, define the period of Internet use. To do this, you need to access the parental control in the Fritzbox menu. There you can see which devices are allowed to access the Internet through the Fritzbox. You can either deny access completely or limit the time period. You can specify both the period on the day, as well as the daily and weekly duration.
  2. With the filter for Internet sites, you create a whitelist as well as a blacklist. This allows you to control which websites may be visited at all. To ensure that there is no gap, you should disable the "Allow HTTPS queries" option.
  3. In addition, you can also prevent specific device content from being downloaded from the Internet. This will not only protect your children, but also the device being used from malicious software.

Adjust to age

If you are unsure about what times and content are appropriate for your children, you can look at the instructions on different websites. This way you can adjust the parental controls of your Fritzbox to the needs of your children.

By McWilliams

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