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iOS parental controls: these options you have

When using a smartphone, you can't be too careful for your own child. In addition to blocking various apps, settings can also be made for screen time as well as the content displayed on the device. You can find out how that works here.

iOS parental controls: how to set up a screen time

By setting up a screen time, you control the usage of the smartphone. Screen time will give you comprehensive statistics on the usage of certain apps.
  1. Open the settings on your iPhone by launching the "Settings" app.
  2. There you will find the "Screen Time" item. Please tap on it and select "Continue",
  3. To set up, you first need to specify for whom the screen time is intended by tapping either "My [device]" or "[my child's device]".
  4. Now still set a parent code.
  5. Now whenever someone wants to make changes to the screen time, it will ask for the parent code.
  6. About the function "family sharing" even devices can be controlled remotely via the screen time.

iOS parental control: These functions offers the screen time

If the screen time function is activated, various functions are available for parental control of the iPhone.
  1. You can set a time from which only certain apps are available or the device is turned off completely. This is done via the item "Timeout".
  2. Using the "App Limits" you set time periods in which an app can be used.
  3. With the help of "Always allow ..." you set certain apps that are completely excluded from the filters and can always be used.

By Ader Goodroe

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