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F1 2020: Shorter season desired? These are the options

Racing requires not only skill and nerve, but also time. If a full season is too long for you, F1 2020 lets you run shorter championships. We show the options.

Summary: You don't necessarily have to do a full 22-race season in F1 2020.

The Formula One calendar has grown a lot over the years - this year, 22 races would have been on the schedule had the Corona pandemic not intervened.

F1 2020: Shorter season exists in two variants

In modes like My Team, you have the choice of 10 or 16 races before the season starts instead of the normal 22.
  • You can choose which tracks are run or not run.
  • You can't change the order, however - only the tracks you choose not to run are removed from the season. Examples: The Grand Prix of Hanoi will thus always precede the race in Barcelona, just as Bahrain will always precede France.
  • You can decide again at the beginning of each new season whether the season should consist of 10, 16 or 22 races.
This way F1 2020 fits your personal time requirements better than its predecessors. It is also practical that you can simply delete tracks that you do not like to drive at all.

By McCollum Heizer

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