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CoD Modern Warfare: Season 1 launched - all info

A few weeks after the release of Modern Warfare, the game launched on December 3, 2019. December 2019 the launch of Season 1. Our guide summarizes what new content players can look forward to.

A pleasantly extensive: Season 1 brings numerous innovations.

To Season 1 there was a relatively large update at the same time with about 21 GB for PCs and 16 and 18 GB for consoles. This already indicates that many innovations have come into the game.

Modern Warfare: This offers Season 1

The most important features of Season 1 summarized:
  • A total of seven new maps are to come into the game in the course of Season 1.
  • The beginning makes Crash 24/7, which takes the place of Shoot House 24/7. In addition, there are the firefight maps Atrium and Cargo, for the ground war is the port of Verdansk available.
  • Three more new maps are consequently still pending.
  • The maps Gun Runner and Rammaza are now available for TDM 20 and HER 20.
  • In the co-op mode you will find new missions.
  • In connection with Season 1, the Battle Pass has also been released. The free version is free to all players, in addition to the Premium Pass, which brings a reward for each new character level.
The new Modern Warfare thus experiences a strong update relatively early, which should increase the rush on the servers. So there should be no shortage of sessions for all modes.

By Marijane Dibbles

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