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CoD Modern Warfare: Officer ranks explained - this is the system

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, your character will rise in levels. Later, you will even reach the officer ranks, which are different from the previous level system. We explain what it looks like.

New tasks: In the officer ranks there are many goals to achieve.

The officer ranks are intended to provide end-game motivation and ever new goals.

Modern Warfare: What awaits you in the officer ranks

Up to level 55, we are talking about normal levels. Here things are quite classic: for each higher level you need more experience than for the previous one. The higher your level, the more weapons and equipment you unlock.
  • From level 55 you are an officer. As a result, you no longer advance in levels, but in officer ranks. In these it is only about special challenges, for which you are rewarded with experience.
  • With each rank you unlock a new challenge.
  • In addition, you sometimes get tickets with which you can complete exams, as explained here.
  • Außerdem geht das Leveln in den Offiziersrängen deutlich schneller, da mit steigendem Rang keine größere Menge an Erfahrung für den nächsten Rang benötigt wird.
  • Der maximal erreichbare Rang ist 155.
Wichtig ist, dass die Offiziersränge zum Ende einer Season zurückgesetzt werden. Ihr Charakter befindet sich dann wieder auf Stufe 55 und kann mit frischen Herausforderungen in den Offiziersrängen beginnen.

By Edelman Jeffrie

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