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CoD Modern Warfare: Blueprints explained - all info

Weapon selection is a key factor in shooters like CoD Modern Warfare. With Blueprints you can get especially good and unique weapons. Our guide explains what it's all about.

With Blueprints, you upgrade your arsenal of weapons with some highlights.

The term Blueprint comes from technical jargon and describes a construction manual. In the case of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it's about weapons, namely rare, epic and legendary ones.

CoD MW: How to get and use Blueprints

The following info is relevant:
  • Get Blueprints: You get most Blueprints through missions. In them you have to play through different levels to get the Blueprint at the end. At the mission overview you can see on the right which weapon you can earn. Since only one mission can be active at a time, you should look before which weapon you are interested in and then specifically pay attention to the requirements.
  • Use Blueprints: Once you have completely finished a mission, the blueprint will appear in your armory. To use the new weapon, call up your equipment menu. Next to the Blueprint's weapon type, it will be displayed. Follow the display and select the weapon as an active tool.
Because of the specific mission requirements, hunting for Blueprints provides variety. For example, you have to manage ten headshot kills with a reflex sight, 35 kills with a single attachment weapon, or simply win some online matches. Thus, the missions also influence your setup with which you go into battle.

By Rufe Avent

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