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CoD Modern Warfare: All info about the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut has tradition in Call of Duty. In the new Modern Warfare, the Colossus appears in various game modes. Read how to unlock him and the other way around, how to fight him.

Colossus in sight: the Juggernaut is more than powerful and hard to defeat.

As soon as a Juggernaut appears on the field, new rules apply. Normally, the focus of all opponents is directly on the fighting machine, but a targeted approach is advisable.

Modern Warfare: Juggernaut exists in the campaign and in multiplayer

Here the Juggernaut quickly explained:
  • In the campaign, you get to experience the Juggernaut as a computer-controlled opponent, in the final mission Because of the thick armor, he needs many hits to fall. Heavy weapons and well-aimed shots are the order of the day, and equipment such as stun grenades can also bring strategic advantages.
  • In multiplayer mode, players can become a Juggernaut themselves through series of kills (Killing Streaks). Unlocked is the Colossus equipment at level 55; to activate in battle you need a series of 15 kills, which is not easy to achieve.
If the Juggernaut is defeated, his minigun remains lying and can be picked up by other players. Alleine das sollte als Motivation dienen, den Koloss effektiv anzugreifen - es gibt schlie├člich keinen anderen Weg, um an die Minigun zu gelangen.

By Grantley

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