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CoD Modern Warfare: What to expect in Moshpit

Modern Warfare is known for its fast-paced gameplay. In Moshpit, this is heightened even more, as the multiplayer mode has been specifically designed for this. Our guide explains what to expect there.

Wanted some fast-paced action? In the mosh pit, it's hit after hit.

The term mosh pit comes from the rock and metal scene and is defined as the area directly in front of the stage. There, things like to get tight and wild; Modern Warfare likes to pick up on these characteristics.

CoD Modern Warfare: Moshpit games always with surprises

To the mosh pit you should know the following:
  • You can find the mosh pit in the game selection under "Shoot House 24/7".
  • The map as well as the number of players (6 vs. 6) are always the same there, but you can not influence which game variant is selected. This happens randomly.
  • Possible are six of the familiar modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination and Shootdown confirmed.
So you can expect a surprise every time you enter the mosh pit. The common constant is the high speed, as the area of the map is relatively small for twelve players. Often you will meet opponents in a matter of seconds, and all points are fast to reach - this is noticeable on the scoreboard, in whichever direction.

By Randene

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