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CoD Modern Warfare: What to expect in ground war

One of the new features of Modern Warfare is the ground war. The multiplayer mode appeals to players who are into really big battles. Our guide has all the info on ground warfare.

Tanks included: In ground warfare, you fight on Modern Warfare's largest map.

Modern Warfare offers online players a lot of variety. The very different maps also contribute to this, as Ground War impressively shows.

Modern Warfare: Ground War features tanks and huge teams

The Ground War map looks impressive because of its size, but it is actually not complicated:
  • The special features of the mode are the number of players (64) and drivable tanks.
  • The gameplay: on the map are marked various targets that can be conquered.
  • For each location that a team occupies, there are points. In addition, players of the team can re-enter after a shootdown there.
  • Ground war games last on average the longest. They are therefore well suited for gaining experience points.
Because of the large number of players, some rethinking is required, as positions are more fiercely contested and more opponents can appear at once. Gerade daraus zieht der Modus jedoch seinen Reiz und das macht ihn zu einer gelungenen Bereicherung in Modern Warfare.

By Millisent Linhart

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