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Alexa Light - how to use Alexa to control light

If you have lamps that are compatible for use with Alexa, you can easily turn them on and off using voice commands. Find out what you need to control the lights and the steps to set it up in this article.

These are the requirements to control light with Alexa

To use Alexa so that you can turn your lamps on and off or dim their lights, you need a light bulb that is compatible with Alexa. So far, such bulbs are only available from manufacturers Philips and Osram. Regardless of whether you decide to use the Philips Hue system or Osram Lightify, in addition to a suitable light bulb, you will need the Hue Bridge or Lightify gateway to connect the bulb to the Wi-Fi of your router. To set up the respective lighting system, you also need to install the Lightify or Hue app.

How to control your light with Alexa

Once you have set up the Osram or Philips lighting system, the next step is to connect your Alexa device to it.
  1. To do this, first open the Alexa app and search for the Philips Hue or Osram Lightify skill in the menu under "Skills".
  2. Activate the skill of your lighting system by tapping "Activate" and log in to your Lightify or Hue account.
  3. Navigate in the menu of the Alexa app now still to "Smart Home" > "Devices" and tap on "Search" to link the Hue Bridge or the Lightify gateway with Alexa.
  4. Were the link successful, your lamps can be switched on and off again by the appropriate voice command.

By Aniweta Ratelle

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