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Parental Control App: These Apps Help Control

There are a few things to consider when setting up a parental control on your smartphone. Depending on your intentions and the platform on which you want to set up a backup, the options differ. It's important to check in advance what your needs are.

Parental Control App: Try Google Family Link

With Google Family Link, you have an app that provides a backup for your child via a Google account.
  1. Through the app, you can specify on the smartphone how long the maximum usage time of the device is.
  2. You can also either allow or block the installation of apps.
  3. Apps that are already installed can be blocked if necessary, so that your child only has access to selected apps.
  4. It is also useful to set up a parental filter so that inappropriate websites cannot be visited.
  5. In addition, the use of apps is logged as well as the location of the device on which the app is installed.

Parental Control App: Screen on iOS

  1. For iOS devices, the "Screen Time" option is already installed by default.
  2. Mithilfe der Option können Sie auf einem Gerät die Nutzungsdauer einzelner Apps festlegen.
  3. Ebenfalls möglich ist die Sperrung bestimmter Apps, sodass die Nutzung in einem kontrollierten Umfeld stattfindet.
  4. Zusätzlich können Sie festlegen, ob und welche In-App-Käufe möglich sind.
  5. Bei Bedarf kann auch der komplette App Store gesperrt werden.

By Annora Dutt

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