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Android Q: Parental control - these settings are important

If your Android Q device is also used by your children or if you do not want them to access the device without permission, a suitable parental control can help. However, you first have to set this up on Android Q. Google introduces a new feature for this for even more setting options.

How to protect your children on Android Q

If your children want to use your Android Q device, you can make various parental control settings. This prevents the device from being in use for too long or using certain applications, for example. Google Family Link will help you with this. This function brings many options for parental control settings.
  1. The Family Link app is primarily intended for when a smartphone or tablet is used by children under 13. They are not yet allowed to set up their own Google account, but it is possible for parents to set up a special Family Link account.
  2. Your children can then access the Internet, email and Messenger functions. However, no new apps can be installed without the consent of parents.
  3. Access times to the device can also be regulated via the app. Thus, you can restrict and unblock your children's smartphones according to your wishes via the app. Certain apps can even be completely blocked.
  4. To use the features, you need to post-install the special Family Link apps on all devices.

By Lilith Kaiama

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