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Star Citizen: Alien Week 2950 - these ships were the focus

The Star Citizen business model is primarily based on ship sales. These are often only available on a limited basis at certain times. The latest event was Alien Week 2950 in June 2020, and we show what ships were available.

Alien ship wanted? Alien Week 2950 put ships from Aopoa, Banu and Esperia on display.

Star Citizen's ship lineup continues to grow diligently, but that doesn't mean willing buyers can grab one at any time. Promotions like Alien Week 2950 are therefore especially important.

Star Citizen: Ships from Aopoa, Banu and Esperia available

As the name of the sales event suggests, Alien Week 2950 was all about extraterrestrial ships:
  • From Aopoa, the Nox and its variant Nox Kue were available for around 49 euros. For significantly more money, fans could buy the Khartu-Al (184 euros) and the San'tok.yāi (238 euros).
  • The manufacturer Banu was represented by the very popular Defender (238 euros) and the Merchantman (379 euros).
  • Also very popular is the Esperia Blade, which was on sale for about 298 euros.
The promotion began on June 12, 2020 and ended a week later on June 19. Although the ships are theoretically available in unlimited quantities, developer Cloud Imperium Games tends to create artificial shortages, as this increases the perceived value of the ships and thus the desire to buy. Dass diese Methodik gut funktioniert, wird anhand der Funding-Stats deutlich, denn erst kürzlich konnte das Spiel die Grenze von 300 Millionen US-Dollar durchbrechen.

By Cara Zagen

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