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Android: Calibrate compass - these are your options

Modern Android smartphones usually have an integrated compass. This is used by navigation apps such as Google Maps. If the direction arrow within the app always points in the wrong direction, this may be due to the compass. To fix the error, it is necessary to calibrate the compass.

How to calibrate the compass of your Android

A smartphone usually contains a compass. This serves as an orientation aid for some apps. Apps like Google Maps, for example, use the compass to point the GPS arrow in the app in the direction you are facing with your smartphone. However, if this arrow points in the wrong direction, it might be due to the calibration of the compass. However, the compass can be recalibrated in a few steps with the help of Google Maps.
  1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone.
  2. Once the app has fully loaded, go to the blue dot. This marks your current position on the map.
  3. Bottom left you will now see several options, select the item "Calibrate compass" here.
  4. The smartphone will now show you various movements, which you must imitate with the phone. To begin, move your device in the form of a figure eight.
  5. Then check how high the compass accuracy is displayed. Ist diese immer noch bei „Niedrig“, wiederholen Sie den Vorgang.
  6. Sobald die Genauigkeit auf „Hoch“ ist, bestätigen Sie diese über die Schaltfläche „Fertig“.

By Hyatt Striplin

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