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iPhone X font change: Is it possible?

There is no way to change the font via the settings for the iPhone X yet either. In iOS 11 and 12, however, you can adjust the font size and make the text bold. However, if you still want a different font, you will first need to jailbreak.

How to change the font on iPhone X

You cannot change the font on iPhone X via Settings. This is also not planned in future iOS versions. Nevertheless, to get access to the necessary settings, you need to unlock administrator rights with a jailbreak. Then you can unlock new fonts via an app. The app Cool Fonts is interesting, for example. Here you can find many fonts even in the free version. Before the jailbreak, you should inform yourself very carefully about the procedure and be sure to create a backup. If the jailbreak goes wrong, you can thus restore the old system.

Change the font with Cool Fonts

  1. Perform a jailbreak.
  2. Install the app "Cool Fonts".
  3. Open the settings.
  4. Select "General" and then "Keyboard".
  5. Gehen Sie zu „Tastaturen“.
  6. Wählen Sie „Tastatur hinzuzufügen“ und tippen Sie auf „Cool Fonts“.
  7. Öffnen Sie die App und wählen Sie dort eine Schriftart aus.
  8. Für manche Schriftarten ist ein Kauf der Pro-Version notwendig.

By Davies Devraj

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