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What network does WinSim have? You need to know

If you want to use a cheap cell phone tariff, it is worth switching to providers such as WinSim. Behind the brand is the company Drillisch. The provider plans to build its own mobile network. Until that time comes, however, it will use the network of another mobile provider.

This is the network you use as a WinSim customer

The Drillisch company is primarily known for its low-cost smartphone mobile rates. The brands offered include WinSim, Smartmobild and Sim.de, for example. Drillisch does not operate its own mobile network, but this is planned for the next few years. At the moment, a mobile network of another provider is still used.
  1. As a customer of WinSim, you use the network of Telefonica bezieungsweise O2.
  2. The mobile network performs rather poorly in most tests. Especially in terms of network coverage in rural areas, the network is behind the D1 and D2 network. The former belongs to Deutsche Telekom, while the D2 network belongs to Vodafone.
  3. Also in terms of speed, the Telefonica network can not keep up with the D1 network.
  4. Nevertheless, the mobile provider offers a good opportunity to get a cheap contract in the. Do you live in a city with good network coverage, so it is well worth it.
  5. On the website of O2 you will find a map that illustrates the network coverage in your region. So you can better decide whether you have with your tariff also in your place of residence the appropriate reception.

By Anastasio Faragher

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