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Show Foobar2000 lyrics - these options are available

Foobar2000 is a free audio software for Windows. In addition to numerous functions, you can also display the lyrics of the songs in the program. It is also possible to have them running while the music is playing. In the software you can display the lyrics in a certain area.

This is how you can display the lyrics in Foobar2000

For Windows there is the audio software Foobar2000. You have the possibility to display the lyrics of the songs, but for this you need some plugins first. Therefore, install in the program via "File" > "Preferences" the plugins "lyrcis show panel" and "Columns UI".
  1. First you need to determine the area in which the lyrics should be displayed.
  2. Go to "View" > "Layout" in the program and activate "Live editing".
  3. Left-click in the window where you want to display the lyrics.
  4. Then go to "Add panel" > "Panels" > "Lyric Show ". Adjust the size as desired.
  5. Then uncheck the "Live editing" option again.
  6. To display lyrics, go to "File" > "Preferences" > "Lyric Show Panel" > "Settings" > "Read lyric from field".
  7. Enter "LYRICS;SYNCED;LYRICY;UNSYNCED LYRICS". Über die Option „Search path” legen Sie den Ort fest, an dem Sie Lyric-Dateien speichern.
  8. Unter „Internet“ ist es nun möglich einzustellen, dass Lyrics automatisch von einer MP3 heruntergeladen und angezeigt werden sollen.
  9. Auch ein manuelles Hinzufügen der Lyrics ist möglich.

By Archangel Menjes

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