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Creating a timeline in PowerPoint - how it works

A timeline can be used in your presentation to show a certain development. However, you cannot add this directly in PowerPoint via a macro or built-in function. If you want to create a timeline according to your wishes, it is necessary to build it yourself.

How to create a timeline in PowerPoint

With a timeline you have the possibility to show the course of a certain event pictorially in your presentation. PowerPoint does not provide a special function or macro for this, which is why you have to build the timeline yourself piece by piece.
  1. Start PowerPoint and open an empty slide.
  2. Then go to "Insert" at the top and click on "Shapes" here.
  3. Now pick an arrow shape of your choice. This represents the basic construct of your timeline. Here it is recommended to use a "block arrow".
  4. Draw the arrow as long as you need your timeline.
  5. Go to "Shapes" again and select the first line in the "Lines" area.
  6. Now set a horizontal line everywhere on the arrow, where an entry for the timeline should follow. Extend the lines if events are close to each other.
  7. To designate the individual stages, you need a text field. Therefore, go to "Insert" and then "Text field". Drag this at the appropriate place in the appropriate size and write the desired text in it.
  8. Insert as many text boxes as you need for the events.
  9. If you also want to name the arrow, go to "Text box" and click directly on the arrow.

By Attalanta

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