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iPad Disabled: Connect to iTunes

If your iPad is disabled, you can connect it to iTunes to use it again as usual. This involves first wiping the iPad and then restoring it from the backup. Alternatively, put your iPad into maintenance mode.

iPad Disabled: Recovery by connecting to iTunes

If you have entered the wrong code on your iPad six times in a row, the iPad will be disabled. To use the device again, you need to activate it again. For a disabled iPad, please do the following:
  1. Connect your iPad to the computer with the USB cable and open iTunes. Now your iPad should be synced automatically.
  2. Wait for the sync to complete and create a backup of your data.
  3. Click "Restore iPad" to start the hard reset, which will delete all data from the device. Then you can set up your iPad again and restore from the previously created iTunes backup.

Alternative: Put disabled iPad in maintenance mode

Alternatively, you can also put a disabled iPad in maintenance mode. This will also delete all data, settings as well as the code of the iPad.
  1. To do this, connect your iPad to the PC and open iTunes.
  2. Now force a restart. For iPads without a home button, briefly press the volume up button for this, then briefly press the volume down button, then hold down the power button until the device restarts. For older models, press and hold the Standby and Home buttons at the same time until the maintenance screen appears.
  3. Then select "Update" on your computer. Is du function grayed out, select "Restore" instead.

By Gine Hom

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