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Android: Enable and use Multi Window - how to do it

Even faster on the go on your smartphone: With Multi Window you can significantly speed up access to Android's menus and apps. Our guide shows you how to activate and use the feature.

With Multi Window, the ease of use in Android clearly increases.

Multi Window on Android is a function that allows you to see and also use two apps at the same time. This makes navigation much more convenient.

Android: Enable Multi Window in a few steps

To enable Multi Window, proceed as follows. Our instructions refer to Samsung devices with Android 9 and newer. The prerequisite is that the respective apps support Multi Window.
  1. First, open both apps that you want to use with Multi Window.
  2. Now tap on the bottom left button with 3 vertical lines to display all currently open apps.
  3. Above the app, tap the gear icon and then tap "Open in split screen view". The app will be pinned at the top first.
  4. Now select a second app by swiping left or right.
  5. On top of this app, tap the gear icon as well and then tap "Open in Split Screen View."
  6. This app will now be at the bottom of the screen and you can use both apps.
After Multi Window is enabled, you can exit the viewat any time with a simple button press. This depends on your smartphone model, but the easiest way is to switch to the homescreen.

By Allana

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