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Organ Donor Card Order Online: How it works

The organ donor card has become a political issue in recent years. To simplify access, you can download the card online. Our guide has all the info on the topic.

Giving life: the organ donor card has arrived in the population.

Those who declare their willingness to donate organs take on social responsibility and make their contribution. The ID card of the BZgA is the norm, but beyond that there are alternatives.

How to order your organ donor card online

You can find the address you are looking for here.
  • There you can enter your data before downloading and give your consent to certain questions.
  • Followed by this, you only need to accept the privacy policy and click on "Create organ donor card".
Note: Ideally, you carry the card with you at all times, so that your donor readiness in case of emergency is directly apparent. This can save lives in some circumstances, as a few minutes can make a difference.The best known alternative address that serves the same purpose and is recognized is the DGHS ID card.

By Belter Supplee

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