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Order Cooking Box from Foodly: How it works - more info

With Foodly, you get all the ingredients for your desired dish delivered to your home via app order. Our guide explains the hip service and summarizes all the info.

Clear line: Foodly wants to be cheaper and more flexible than the competition.

The market for cooking box providers like Marley Spoon continues to grow. Foodly, however, relies on some special features.

Foodly: How to order a cooking box

The order in the Foodly app (Android / iOS) is self-explanatory. More important, however, is the question of what makes Foodly and distinguishes it from the competition:
  • Foodly is on average significantly cheaper than other cooking box providers, because the normal supermarket prices are calculated.
  • On Foodly you order individually and not in a subscription. This means greater flexibility.
  • Also in the composition of the box Foodly is more individual: so you can choose which ingredients you already have in stock and therefore do not need to order. In this way, you avoid unnecessary costs.
  • The reverse is true, you can order required ingredients separately.
  • Unlike the other cooking box specialists, you order the ingredients for a specific dish with Foodly.
Foodly is thus aimed at people who like to cook at home, but like to do so flexibly without wanting to commit to a subscription. In addition, the ordering process offers an exact selection with full control.

By Jain

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