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Foodly: How to order to match the recipe - or vice versa

Foodly focuses on recipes and finding the right ingredients. Our guide explains how the system works and how you can use it yourself.

Limitless choice: At Foodly, numerous recipes for all tastes await you.

Shopping by recipe - or a matching recipe to the desired ingredients? At Foodly, both are possible.

Foodly: recipes for all tastes

In the Foodly app, you have access to a large recipe database. This also includes recipes from successful food blogs such as Kitchensplace and Wilde Schote, which ensures a wide selection.
  • The app thus serves as a basis for cooking. If you want to cook a recipe, you can order the matching ingredients from Foodly.
  • While doing so, you can manually adjust the shopping list, if desired.
  • But it also works the other way around: when you add food to the shopping cart, Foodly can show you matching recipes.
  • While doing so, preferences such as vegetarian or vegan can also be taken into account.
  • Further setting options help to refine the shopping process. So können Sie gezielt Bio-Produkte verlangen, auch die Zahl der Personen lässt sich einstellen.
Zusätzlich zu den zahlreichen Rezepten in der App werden Sie auch hier auf der Foodly-Webseite fündig.

By Elvah Lansey

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