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Listening to the radio with your iPhone - here's how

If you like listening to the radio on the road or at home, you can do so with your iPhone. However, to get access to different radio stations, you need an additional app.

How to listen to the radio with your iPhone

Since previous iPhone models do not have a radio antenna, listening to the radio is only possible if you have an Internet connection. To use your iPhone to listen to the radio without installing any additional apps, please open the music app of your iPhone and tap the "radio icon" to start playing. However, this way you can only listen to the English language radio station Beats1 operated by Apple.

These apps are suitable for listening to the radio on iPhone

If you don't want to listen to the same radio station all the time and want to have access to your favorite radio stations, this can only be done by installing additional apps.
  • The free Radio.de app includes more than 4,000 radio stations, podcasts and web radios from around the world, which you can filter by country, genre and language.
  • In addition, Radio.de has a favorites function for your favorite stations and continues to run in the background when you close the app.
  • Also free to use on the iPhone is the app TuneIn Radio. If you have TuneIn installed, you get access to more than 70,000 radio stations.
Just like Radio.de, TuneIn also continues to run in the background, so you can listen to the radio and surf the Internet at the same time.

By Rollins

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