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Can you connect your cell phone to your car radio?

Newer cars usually already have a modern sound system with display on the cockpit. Usually, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and play the music from your smartphone. Even in older cars, it may be possible to pair your cell phone with the car radio.

How to connect your cell phone to the car radio

In newer car radios, there is usually a built-in Bluetooth function that allows you to connect your smartphone to the radio. With a cockpit, that is, a screen that is built into the center console, the smartphone can only be connected with Bluetooth.
  1. To establish the connection, open the settings on the display of your car and select Bluetooth.
  2. Activate the connection via Bluetooth and then open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  3. Now you can select the car system in the device list on your phone. Then confirm the security prompt and the phone is already connected to the car.
  4. Also a radio that does not have Bluetooth can be retrofitted. Dazu reicht bereits ein Klinkenstecker am Autoradio aus.
  5. Entsprechende Geräte finden Sie, wenn Sie nach „Bluetooth-Adapter Autoradio“ googlen.
  6. Am einfachsten können Sie die Bluetooth-Funktion erhalten, wenn Sie ein neues Autoradio einbauen. Autoradios mit Bluetooth-Funktion können Sie bereits zu einem sehr günstigen Preis online erwerben.

By Cochran Deanne

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