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Shielding radio keys - how to protect your car

With a radio key you can easily open and lock your car remotely. However, the radio signal can be quickly intercepted and used to open the car without permission. For this, your key only needs to be in your home. However, the signal can be shielded.

How to shield your radio key

To prevent the signal from your radio key from being intercepted and used without permission, it is possible to shield it. The radio key works automatically near your vehicle, with newer keys you don't even have to press the button on. However, the signal that this sends out can be amplified with suitable devices. This key scanner only needs to be near the signal for a short time. It is enough to place it in front of your front door for some time.
  1. To protect your signal, do not place the key near your front door or windows. Rather, pick a place in the middle of your home as a storage location.
  2. Another option is to use a cooking pot. For this, simply place the key in the pot and put the lid on it. Das Signal kann nicht durch diesen dringen und somit nicht gescannt werden.
  3. Außerdem können Sie spezielle Schlüsseltresore kaufen, die ebenfalls das Signal vollständig abschirmen.
  4. Wenn Sie unterwegs sind, helfen bereits einige Lagen Alufolie, in die Sie den Schlüssel einwickeln.

By Stephen Wiatrak

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