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Which SIM card comes in the iPhone X?

To be able to make calls and use mobile Internet, your mobile provider supplies you with a SIM. But which SIM card fits into the iPhone X? You need the smallest of the three common card sizes.

The right SIM card: which one fits in the iPhone X

Only one very specific SIM card size fits in the iPhone X's card insert. You need the nano-SIM to be able to use all the services of your mobile provider. You can get the SIM card from your provider and usually you can directly request the right size.However, if you get a larger SIM card such as the micro SIM, you can simply cut it to fit the nano size. If this is too much trouble for you, simply request a new SIM card in the correct size from the provider. This will cost you a small handling fee.

How to insert the SIM

Once you have the right SIM card size for the iPhone X at hand, all you need to know is how to insert the card into the device. To do this, you'll either need the included SIM tool or simply bend open a paper clip, as you'll need to press a button in a tiny hole.
  1. Turn off your iPhone X if necessary and look at the right side of the smartphone.
  2. Here you'll find a compartment with a small hole next to it.
  3. Führen Sie das SIM-Werkzeug oder die aufgebogene Büroklammer in das Loch ein.
  4. Mit leichtem Druck betätigen Sie den Mechanismus, und das Fach öffnet sich.
  5. Legen Sie die Nano-SIM-Karte nun so in das Fach ein, dass die Ecken aufeinanderpassen.
  6. Abschließend schieben Sie das Fach zu, bis es einrastet.

By Vaenfila

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